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What is it?

Diabetes is a condition in which the cells in your body lose their ability to absorb insulin over time. Insulin brings the needed sugar into your cells. When this process goes awry, sugar from the blood spills out into the urine. And, due to its sticky nature, it also causes problems in small blood vessels, like traffic jams on small roads. This can lead to foot problems or even blindness. Fortunately, most cases of diabetes are reversible. Dr. Lachman will work closely with your physician if you are on medication for diabetes. In diabetes and even in pre-diabetes, we have to retrain the body to take in insulin, because for years your pancreas was ‘crying wolf’; it was making a lot of insulin but no cells were listening. We will use specific nutrients to help the insulin bring the sugar into the cell, and others to retrain the cells to accept insulin. In fact, one such supplement has been shown to be equal in effect to a common drug (Metformin) but without most of the side effects. A1C and fasting blood sugar levels also decreased, while cholesterol levels were normalized. It’s a win-win-win for diabetes patients!

The following may be a part of your program:

  • dietary changes that retrain your cells to absorb insulin and sugar
  • nutritional support to help your cells absorb insulin and sugar
  • working closely with your physician/endocrinologist. As your blood sugars decrease naturally, you may need to contact your physician to lower your doses of medications.
  • customized homeopathic remedies based on your specific concerns (pain, neuropathy, erectile dysfunction, etc)
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