Symptoms-Menopausal Symptoms

Many women seek out Naturopathic doctors because they are interested in bioidentical hormone replacement, yet they are nevertheless concerned about the side effects. Whether you’re having hot flashes at night or at work, or have noticed decreased concentration, there’s hope. Just like no one should know that you’re having your period because you don’t have any outward symptoms, no one should know that you’re in the change of life by seeing you fan yourself or remove layers of clothing suddenly. Naturopathically we help hot flashes in two ways. First, Dr. Lachman will find a homeopathic remedy that will help with your specific symptoms. Your hot flashes may be at a specific time of night, or only after coffee; they may rise from the chest to the head, or they may come on all at once. These symptoms will guide her to the specific homeopathic medicine just for you. Secondly, we’ll support the arteries and veins that control the blood, because the blood brings the heat to the surface of the body, causing a hot flash. Unlike hormone medications, there are no long-term side effects to homeopathy. Homeopathy does not treat hot flashes specifically. Rather, it works to bring the body into balance.

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