Show your skin! Dermapen is here.

Our clinic’s medical provider has the newest device for skin health, called the Dermapen. This device helps stimulate collagen growth in your skin, which important for reversing wrinkles and giving your skin firmness. It can also be used to help scars, whether they are from surgery, burns, acne, or other trauma. If you have a scar from a Cesarian section, Dermapen can help! Our medical provider will meet with you and see what type of procedure is best. Dermapen is a natural tool that can be used with different skin products, to help them penetrate the skin much better than when just used topically. Dermapen can also be used with PRP, or platelet-rich-plasma, which is all the rage in the cosmetic industry! PRP contains natural anti-inflammatory, growth, and healing factors to stimulate your own skin. The before and after photos are amazing. Learn more here:

Meet Alan Taylor, Physician Associate

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