Lymphedema Support

Relief for lymphedema!

Lymphedema is a retention of fluid in an arm or leg. Most commonly this is the result of removal of lymph nodes in the treatment for cancer, but can also be caused by cancer itself blocking lymph nodes, or by trauma, or radiation.

Not only is does lymphedema produce discomfort in the form of heaviness and aching in the limb, it also causes outright pain. This pain can prevent quality sleep and enjoyment of physical activities, and has a significant impact on quality of life.

Lymphedema puts you at risk for infections of the nails, and fingers or toes of that limb and is a serious health issue. Common treatments for lymphedema include lymphatic massage, and restrictive garments. While lymphatic massage is beneficial, restrictive clothing is not only unsightly, but requires special care.

Now, there is another treatment for lymphedema. 

What if you could walk into a doctor’s office, and shortly thereafter feel relief from your aching limb, allowing you to feel more comfortable in your own body! What if you could feel your swollen lymph node get smaller right after your treatment!

Introducing hydrotherapy, a safe, clinically-proven treatment that can reduce your swelling. Hydrotherapy is the application of different temperatures of water on different parts of the body.  Medicine has long recognized the benefit of temperature on blood and lymph flow. When we are dealing with inflammation, we will use an ice pack to decrease circulation to the area. When our muscles are sore or tight we will put a heating pad on them. Heat draws the circulation towards that area, providing oxygen and nutrients to the area. By using warm and cool applications applied in a certain sequence to parts of the body, we affect the circulation in a beneficial way. Hydrotherapy has been used for over a hundred years.

In addition, our office uses a state-of-the art machine that sends a gentle current through the affected area. It feels like a gentle tickle. This helps the lymph fluid drain out of the area. All you have to do is rest!

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