Symptoms-Headache and Migraine

Headaches are a common concern brought to the Naturopathic doctor. Many factors can contribute to headaches, from common nutrient deficiencies, to stress, or dehydration. Dr. Lachman will discuss the specifics of your headache and make recommendations based only on your specific symptoms. Is your headache behind the eye, or on the top of the head? Do you find it hard to be in bright lights when you have a headache? As you can see headaches are as varied as the people who have them, and so are the recommendations. Herbal remedies have been shown to be clinically effective in reducing pain, but without the side effects or toxicity of current medications. Current drug treatment for migraines can have permanent side effects and may not even be effective for your case. Migraines can be resolved as well. Patients undergoing homeopathic care for migraines find their head become fewer and further between, due to individualized care.


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