Clients come to naturopathic medicine with a variety of concerns, from short-term symptoms like pain from a sprain or fall, to long-term symptoms like headaches, auto-immune diseases or osteoporosis. Naturopathic medicine does not treat any disease. Rather, you will work as a team with your naturopathic doctor to restore health, thereby reducing or eliminating symptoms.

With the exception of acute injuries, symptoms arise due to an imbalance in the system. The symptom is the 'check engine' light that tells us to look deeper and find what is out of balance. The primary pathways of elimination include the liver, kidney, stomach, intestines, and lungs. The secondary pathways include the skin and mucous membranes. If the primary pathways of elimination are blocked, then the body will try to eliminate via the secondary pathways.

An example of this can be seen with the accumulation of the body’s own hormones that are ineffectively processed by the liver and that can manifest itself as acne. In this way, we see, for example, that almost all skin conditions are a result of the blockage of one the primary routes of elimination. Biotherapeutic drainage can restore the imbalance in the liver both in the cells and outside the cells. The end result would include not only clearing the acne, but addressing the root cause of the problem. Thus, homeopathy allows the system to self-regulate and re-establish homeostasis.

With gentle support, your body will be supported to normalize your body functions. Once body functions are normalized, you will see how the 'check engine' light fades and may eventually go out. Now, your body is working more like a finely-tuned engine.

Below is an incomplete list of concerns that naturopathic doctors routinely see.


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“With Dr. Lachman’s recommendations I am now free of hot flashes. It’s such a relief to feel normal again. It’s wonderful to be in a state of balance without drugs. I haven’t felt this good in a long time.”

E.G. Frenchtown, NJ