Fecal Smearing, otherwise known as ‘Poop Art’

Treatments for fecal smearing

Fecal smearing, also known as scatolia, is an unfortunate symptom where your loved one takes his own stool and uses it like finger paint on your walls and other areas of your home. First it may start out as simply playing in the diaper, but left untreated, can become quite a nuisance.

Fortunately, there are solutions for fecal smearing! In the Naturopathic practice, Dr Lachman has treated a number of people (all being little boys…) for this symptom. Remember that symptoms are the body’s way of trying to tell us something. What could this fecal smearing possibly tell us? In our experience it tells us that there is some sort of inflammation in the nerves or brain, causing abnormal behavior. We want to decrease inflammation and when we do, the symptom resolves.

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