Autism Support

Autism Support

Whether your child has just been diagnosed with autism or you've been treating him or her for years, Dr Lachman can help!

If you’re reading this, you’re probably the relative of an autistic child or adult. You’ve had a lot of stress to find treatments that were easy to do, and effective. You may have already changed your child’s diet, and done chelation (heavy metal removal), hyperbaric oxygen, and vitamin treatments. Where do you go from here?

Hi, I’m Dr. Julie Lachman. I’ve been working with autistic children for many years. Like most doctors, I didn’t start out seeing so many autistic children as I do now. Just like most things in life, people who need you tend to find you. I started treating children with autism and developmental delay soon after I started practicing. These children had been to the neurologist or the psychologist for diagnosis, and their parents had done special diets and some supplements. They had been to the experts, but their children still couldn’t talk, or weren’t potty-trained, or couldn’t go to a store without running off.  I thought that these experts might know more that I did, but I had to move forward and help these children. After all, they had already been to the experts. I did what I was trained to do in Naturopathic medical school: to treat the whole person, not the condition; to treat the root cause; and to first do no harm.

You might think that we don’t know the root cause, but when we look at the whole person, we see multiple body systems that are not functioning normally, including the hormone system (expressed as anger, or poor sleep), the digestive system (expressed as smelly stools, constipation, bloating, or diarrhea) and more. I found that inflammation is a huge factor in autism, a factor that is perhaps completely overlooked by mainstream medicine. It’s the inflammation (think: redness and pain from a splinter, but in the brain) that causes these children to have a red face and have tantrums, for example, or seizures when it’s hot out (which increases inflammation) or bang their head.

In 2015 I got a special certification that enabled me to further help these children in a way that nothing else I’ve done with them has come close. I still use all the other treatments I was trained to use as a Naturopathic doctor, but adding this additional treatment helped me get children to the next level.


"In just the first month one of our parents reports this for her 5 year old son:

-no regression in past 4 weeks.

-said 3-4 word sentences

-says thank you appropriately

-will answer yes/no questions including if he has to use the bathroom

-can do high five's

-ability to ride in the car and just gaze out the window, instead of having his eyes follow a target, which then moves, and he has to move his eyes to the next target (saccades)"

Mom was almost in tears.

We have gotten some amazing results with our autistic children, including:

  • potty-training (over time)
  • reduction or elimination of violence towards self and others
  • new words
  • reduction or elimination of constipation or diarrhea
  • decreased picky eating
  • elimination of fecal smearing (playing with stool).
  • elimination of the IEP from the school district (Child will be main-streamed.)
    Mom was almost in tears.

Most of our parents come to us after they have gotten some success with biomedical treatment, and Andy Cutler Chelation. Many of them use TRS zeolite sprays and then note even more benefits. But even with all the improvements they feel that their child still has a ways to go. Does this sound like you? Do you know there is more of your true child still in there from before autism developed? Does he or she still not have as many words as he or she did a few years ago? Or, has your child been autistic from a very young age, or perhaps his or her whole life? Let's take your child's health to the next step!

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