Mental Illness–The Appleton Alternative School Experiment

Fat Food

Simple changes in fats can Free sugar daddy dating sites – Quick find online without credit card needed! make a big difference in kid’s learning, and also in their behavior. Check out Appleton Central Alternative Charter High School, a school for at-risk children in Wisconsin. This school includes students who’ve been expelled from other schools. Partnering with a local bakery, this school completely overhauled its food service, removing toxic trans fats and adding whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and other healthy choices. Since starting this school breakfast and lunch program, dramatic changes have occurred. In fact, there have been no dropouts, drugs, weapons, expulsions, or suicides to report. Not surprisingly, children have blossomed academically as well.


Can diet really change mental health and violence? There is some information pointing to the fact that the brains of those with certain mental illnesses are in some ways abnormal. Some people believe that these differences are what can cause mental illness, meaning that the brain isn’t built the right way, so we can’t expect it to function normally. So let’s rewind: what caused those abnormalities in the first place—are people just born with these differences? Being a scientist is like being a two-year old; we just keep asking why. New research may give us a clue to the puzzle.

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