Mental Illness–Children and Adults

Mental Illness on the Rampage

In just this one year, our nation has suffered some spectacular tragedies. After the events of the past few months in our nation, one can’t help but contemplate the eternal question: ‘why?’. From the captivity of the three women in Cleveland, Ohio, to the school shootings in Newtown, CT, not to mention the story of the elderly northeast Philadelphia man who murdered his own wife and blamed it on intruders, 2013 certainly has been a newsworthy year.

Brain health may seem like a complex thing. But really, the brain needs the same things to be healthy, as does the rest of our body—oxygen and clean air, plenty of water, and certain nutrients, vitamins, and fats. When we’re digesting our this food well, and doing deep breathing to oxygenate our brain, and exercising to support our circulatory system in getting the nutrition and oxygen to our brain, we’re ensuring that all the goods we’re eating are getting up to the brain.

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