Welcome Umangini Desai, Homeopath

Offering HP (homeoprophylaxis), CEASE Therapy and Classical Homeopathy!

Meet our new homeopath, Uma!


Umangini Desai is a certified classical homeopath by council of certification in homeopathy. She is a registered Homeopath from the North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH).  She graduated from the University Sardar Patel University with a Bachelors Degree in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery. She also completed an 18 month internship at the Anand Homeopathic Hospital. She completed her post-graduate in 1998 at the Institute of Clinical Research in Mumbai by Dr. M.L.Dhavale. She has been practicing classical homeopathy for over 11 years.

“Simila similibus curentour” – “Like cures like” is a principle of homeopathy and characteristic of homeopathic medicine that aims to increase the immunity of patients. This principle excites Umangini Desai.   Homeopathy as a less expensive health alternative to traditional medical care and often carries less ill effects on patients. Desai saw homeopathy as a tool to provide the best health care and vitality to humanity at the most affordable cost.

Umangini will be working with patients and their families virtually to provide the best support possible when it comes to all things homeopathic!

Services that will be provided include classical homeopathy, CEASE Therapy and Homeoprophylaxis (HP).

To schedule a consult, please reach out to our office our us the link below:

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