Meet Lynn Amara, CCH

Certified Classical Homeopath, CEASE Therapy Expert

We at Lachman and Associates are excited to welcome Lynn Amara, CCH (Certified Classical Homeopath)

Lynn brings over 30+ years of homeopathic experience to our team and specializes in skin conditions, auto-immune issues, allergies and much more!

Lynn is also a certified CEASE therapist. Learn more about Lynn below from her own words and see  how you can get scheduled!

Lynn Amara, CCH

Recently a long time patient asked me, “Lynn, why are you still practicing homeopathy after 33 years?” My deepest answer is that I love to solve mysteries. I love all those crime procedural shows and old detective work; they are my indulgence after a long day.  As a kid I wanted to BE Sherlock Holmes. I wanted to dig that deep.

Now you bring me some of the most intriguing medical mysteries. Some patients even ask me if I am overwhelmed by everything they have told me and secretly I want to tell them that yes this is going to be work, but I love doing this work for you. I want to tell them that I am so glad they have found their way to me because I have the passion to dive in and sort things out.  I have the calmness of spirit to listen fully to the depth of your suffering and to approach your challenges with dedication and resolve.

Practicing homeopathy engages every interest I have: in science, in psychology, in the human body and pathology, all so that I can begin to nudge the pieces of your puzzle back together, towards health, towards wholeness of body and peace of mind.

We can do this, you and I, we go together.

While I specialize in complex health issues, I regularly help people with:
  • Post concussion syndrome

  • Withdrawal from opioid medications

  • Allergies/asthma/eczema

  • Autoimmune syndromes like endometriosis, thyroid issues, MS, and lupus

  • Cancer survival

  • Menopausal issues

  • PCOS

  • Chronic pain

  • Skin issues

  • Detox from the side effects of vaccinations and conventional medications

  • And many more conditions


Before your first appointment with Lynn, you will need to complete the intake form.

Please print your intake form, complete by hand and then scan back to the office OR complete the intake electronically through our patient portal.

Please print and complete the Request for Handwriting form. It is important that the form is completed by hand because it gives additional insight into your individual case! Complete using cursive or your relaxed hand writing. Do NOT complete with block letters, calligraphy, etc.

We ask that all patients complete and submit their forms at LEAST 48 hours prior to their scheduled initial appointment. It is important that there is time for your paperwork to be reviewed before your meeting.


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