Kids and Depression

Healthy Kids, Mentally kamagra oral jelly and Physically

Kids of all ages can benefit from safe solutions for concentration and behavioral issues. As children return to school this fall, many parents may receive the dreaded note from school. Their child is having difficulty concentrating.

Children are routinely prescribed stimulant medications like Ritalin (methylphenidate), or anti-depressants for issues such as these to simple test anxiety or worry that keeps them up at night. Well-meaning physicians try to utilize the tools at their disposal to help their patients; that is, they prescribe adult medications for their pediatric patients, even though scientists don’t actually know how most of these drugs work. Ritalin has its own set of side effects, anti-depressants, when used in children and young adults, may have dire consequences, from changing a child’s demeanor from outgoing to withdrawn, or worse. In fact, psychotropic drugs double the risk of suicide in this age group.


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