Kick-start the new year

Kick-start the New Year with your local food Co-op


If you are overwhelmed by other people making intimidating New Year’s resolutions, resolve to simply shift the balance of things you do already. A simple walk around our co-op will give you the tools to make some small additions that can make a big difference.

Our co-op has a loose and bagged tea section. Adding a cup of green tea to your daily routine adds antioxidants and can help balance hormones. In fact, green tea blocks the hormone that causes baldness. Although coffee is a good source of antioxidants as is tea, it can cause hormonal disruption in women, and likely in men, as it has an effect on estrogen. Starting with a cup of tea instead of coffee can help you have more balanced energy and can add health to your body. If you use tea that contains caffeine, like green tea, remember to drink a cup of water for every cup of caffeine you consume to avoid dehydration.

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