Joint and Muscle Pain

A Holistic Approach Can Heal your Joint and Muscle Pain Naturally

How would you like to decrease your chances of strains and sprains, decrease your pain and inflammation and reduce your need for pain-killers? Naturopathic recommendations address these and more by addressing the root causes of your pain. Even conditions with no ‘cure’, like Rheumatoid Arthritis, can benefit, naturally! By working with the whole person, Naturopathic recommendations can help you have less pain and a better quality of life, naturally! We don’t treat diseases; we treat you!

    • Rheumatoid Arthritis
    • Athletic Performance
    • Strains and Sprains

New! Our clinic has become one of a select group of clinics to have a special type of physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is the science of using electrical currents to help with pain. Our device is called the Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency (PEMF) device. Some of our clients have noted a decrease in pain after their first session!

Magnawave Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency Applied to Shoulder
Magnawave Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency Applied to Shoulder

When your bones break or your joint cartilage needs repair, your cells send out electrical frequencies to let other cells know they need help. Our PEMF device sends out this signal, telling bones to heal faster from fractures, injuries, or osteoporosis. It also tells cartilage in joints to heal, naturally!
The PEMF device has been studied to help with many other conditions. According to the study author, PEMF has been shown to help*:
–accelerate bone repair
–promote bone growth
–reduce pain
–heal fractures
–decrease the need for pain medication and provide pain relief
–regenerate sciatic nerve
–increase bone density (what is lost in osteoporosis)
–reduce knee pain
*This device has been approved for some indications by the FDA, but conditions listed above may not be approved for treatment with PEMF.

For more information, see the Dr. Oz special segment on PEMF:

“Since my visits to Dr. Lachman I have had less joint pain and increased energy.”

D.S. from Yardley