Hyperhidrosis–excessive sweating

Sweating is normal way to get rid of toxins in the body. If someone doesn’t sweat, this is a concern for the Naturopathic doctor, as this person may have a higher level of toxins in the body, and therefore more symptoms. If someone perspires too much, this is known as hyperhydrosis. It tells the Naturopathic doctor that the skin is working overtime to eliminate toxins, as the other organs of elimination are overburdened. The same is true of odor from the sweat. We can change that odor via homeopathy!

Naturopathic medicine doesn’t treat the skin or acne directly. Rather, we get to the root of the issue.

The primary pathways of elimination include:

  • liver,
  • kidney,
  • stomach,
  • intestines, and
  • lungs.

The secondary pathways include the:

  • skin, and
  • mucous membranes (digestive tract, sinuses, ear canal)

If the primary pathways of elimination are blocked, then the body will try to eliminate via the secondary pathways.

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