Headaches: Over the Counter vs. Herbs

Instant relief but a long term issue.

Did you know that many women with headaches and migraines take Excedrin® migraine, which may help them somewhat?

What they don’t realize is that it might not be the Excedrin® that is helping them at all.

It might be the caffeine!

Caffeine actually supports a female hormone known as progesterone, and many women with headaches may actually have a female hormone imbalance. Does this mean you should go out and start using progesterone cream if you have migraines? Not necessarily.

With the best Naturopathic clinic, you can make more of the hormones you need, in just the right doses for you!

Did you know that people have been using herbs to treat migraines and headaches for hundreds of years?

In fact, there is a very popular herb called feverfew, which is found in many herbal headache and migraine products. There’s actually quite a bit of research on this herb and its use in headache and migraine!

It’s generally combined with other supportive nutrients, like B vitamins and magnesium. Together with these nutrients, feverfew is a superb herb to use for headaches and migraines

Naturopathic medicine provides individuals with options that are geared towards addressing the long term versus the instantaneous. Headache and migraine solutions are within your grasp. 

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