Headaches: Getting to the ROOT cause

Headaches are NOT normal.

Did you know that it’s not normal to have headaches or migraines? It seems like so many people have them that it’s almost normal. But, it actually means that there is something going on in the body that is creating headaches or migraines. There is only one time that it would be normal to have a headache, and that would be if you hit your head, or you had a concussion (which could mean you could have hit your head, but you also could have acquired one from other reasons, like a blast, or from falling down).

Headaches, in those cases, would be normal, just like it would be normal to have a bruise if you fall down. Even so, just like homeopathy and natural methods can actually help resolve bruises more quickly, homeopathy and natural methods can also help you if your headache is a result of a concussion or other injury. When you get a cut on your skin, it heals! Your brain can also, when given the right support.

In the Naturopathic healthcare world, you are an individual. When someone with headaches or migraines comes into my clinic, I look at YOUR symptoms. Your headache might start in the back of your head on the right side, and come over your head to settle above your right eye. Perhaps you have nausea with it. Someone else’s headache may start above the left eye and remain there for hours. Sometimes headaches or migraines extend to the teeth. You might want to be in a quiet, dark room, where for another person those things don’t seem to help much.

Everyone’s headache is different and is addressed as such. You are unique, and you will get a headache and migraine plan as unique as you are!

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