Gout and the kidney 2

Now we know that uric acid that is the issue in gout goes out of the body through the kidney. What if someone is dehydrated

and does not drink enough water? How could the uric acid get out if he doesn’t drink enough water? The answer is he can’t and gout is a result. We also look it how to support the kidney so that it can function normally. If someone is drinking enough water, the kidney should be able to get rid of the acid. If it can’t we support the kidney with foods that benefit it. For example, fish oil is very supportive to the kidney. So are parsley, and dandelion leaf.

We can also look at herbs taken in a capsule that support the kidney and urinary tract, like cranberry and juniper. Your Naturopath or herbalist can help come up with a formula that can address your specific needs.

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