What to expect at your first visit with a Naturopath

Please allow 1.5 hours for your first visit. In order to have a clear health picture during the evaluation, you will bring with you the intake form posted on the website. Just click on the ‘Forms” section above, print out the appropriate adult or child form and bring the completed form to your visit.

During this visit, Dr. Lachman will discuss with you your primary concerns in detail; review the health history forms that you have completed; review laboratory testing or imaging results that you have supplied; and, fully review your medications and supplements for possible interactions. Upon completion of this comprehensive assessment, you’ll leave with a comprehensive plan.

Please bring current medications, supplements, and any recent lab work or imaging (blood tests, X-rays, MRI’s, etc.) that you may have. Dr. Lachman is not a medical doctor and will not provide you with a diagnosis; rather these documents will be helpful in supporting your individualized plan. You will leave with a plan for getting started, individualized homeopathic and/or herbal support, and an enriched understanding of your condition and what may be done about it. You will leave with hope and answers.