Flu Prevention Three

Thinking of getting the flu vaccine? Although the neurotoxin mercury has been removed from most vaccines, it is still used as a preservative in most flu shots. If you’re thinking about getting the flu vaccine, ask your doctor if he can get a single-dose flu shot, which is mercury-free. The flu vaccine (and many others) also use egg proteins as a base, so check with your doctor if you have an egg allergy. Ironically, flu shots are not recommended during pregnancy, as miscarriages have been reported. If you are asthmatic, getting a flu shot may sound like a good idea, but we’ve actually seen that asthmatics have a higher rate of hospitalizations when they do get the flu shot. The flu shot has also been implicated in causing Guillain-Barre Syndrome, a disease of progressive muscular weakness. So what can you do? Check the next post to find out.

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