What, you don’t need 6 cups of coffee anymore for energy?

As you know, our soil has been farmed now for hundreds of years, and is depleted in minerals. You also know that we don’t let our rivers flood as often as they naturally would because homes are in the floodplain and people could get hurt. This prevents the soil from having its nutrient stores replenished. 

If you take a multivitamin, you will get a handful of minerals, like calcium, zinc, magnesium, copper, and more. Baby formula only has a handful of minerals. But did you know that gold, silver, and others actually perform vital functions in the body? Minerals from the periodic table activate enzymatic process. These are processes that control every action in the body, like protecting our skin integrity to prevent wrinkles, keeping our blood vessels intact to prevent aneurysm . These are both functions of copper. And, there’s actually silver in seafood. Who knew? Even elements that we really don’t hear about have a function in the body. The mineral product called Plant Derived Minerals has 77 minerals in the form that our body can utilize. That’s why it’s called ‘plant derived’.

One of my clients has been taking Plant Derived Minerals for only a week now. She says:

“The minerals are working! I feel so much better. I couldn’t believe it! I can really tell the difference”. LV, Green Lane, PA

“It’s 3pm and I haven’t had one of my 6 cups of coffee yet. I went away this weekend (without my minerals) and I really missed them.” CG, Centre Valley, PA

Try one bottle yourself and you will probably notice a significant difference, especially in energy. I hope this helps in your journey to your best self.


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