Diet Like a Caveman 4

Think of the Native Americans—most of them did not farm, and the only milk they drank was mother’s milk as they didn’t have goats or cows around. It would be awfully difficult to go up to a grazing mother buffalo and try to get a drink. I imagine that one would get a swift kick instead of a creamy beverage. The problem with introduction of milk into our diets is that although our ability to herd and keep goats and cows has evolved, our genes have not. In fact 90% of the world’s adult population is lactose intolerant, and children’s ability to process lactose is significantly decreased after age 7. Although milk does have some health properties, its proteins are too big for our stomachs to process, and children and babies have the most difficulty due to their delicate digestive tracts. Calves have 4 stomachs and a completely different digestive tract, making cow’s milk, obviously, the best choice for them, not us.

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