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Eating for Energy Part Four

Ok, it’s not about food but…

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Get quality sleep. You know what bedtime is best for you. What is it? Plan to keep it. Watch your caffeine intake as well: there is no law stating that all your morning caffeine has to be out of your system by bedtime. Even early morning caffeine can cause sleep disturbances in some people. If your sleep is impaired in any way, try removing caffeine for a week and see if you wake more refreshed.

Flu Prevention Part Four

A homeopathic flu vaccine? Just like a conventional vaccine injects a small amount of a killed or inactivated virus into the arm, homeopathically we use a very, very, very small amount of substances to get your body to react in a similar way.

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One difference, however, is that your body is used to being exposed to viruses and bacteria through the mouth, not through the arm, so the delivery route in homeopathy is more natural. Additionally, there is no arsenic or mercury preserving the vaccine, or formaldehyde, or any other toxin. Vaccines, whether homeopathic or not, are given to cause the body to develop a reaction to the substance in the vaccine; in this case, it’s a virus. Homeopathic vaccines have been used by health systems in other countries for years due to their long history and low price. A short dosing regimen of homeopathic flu medicines may be able to stimulate your body to react with strength when confronted with the seasonal flu this year.

Welcome to the World of Health

Naturopathic doctors are specialists in health, in YOU! We do not treat disease, or lab results. We are interested in how YOU got to the point where you are, suffering with a chronic disease. Only then can we find the road back to health.

When I first heard the saying that naturopathic doctors don’t treat disease, that they look at the whole person, I thought that was a very nice saying, but, really? That just sounds corny. But from being in practice now I understand what it meant. I got a call from a woman a few weeks ago suffering from a stomach disorder called delayed gastric emptying, where food just sits in the stomach. A medical doctor recommended endoscopy (it’s always good to make sure there’s nothing physically blocking the stomach from doing its job), which came back normal. Upon briefly questioning her, she told me she had had this problem since her divorce. They reconciled and it went away!

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But when they separated for good, it came back. Conventional docs would treat her stomach. But with just a few questions now we know that the stomach is just the symptom, NOT the problem itself.