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Dry Eyes 1

In my experience, dry eyes in my clients do not resolve with eye drops. Eye drops are palliative, meaning they help temporarily but do not address the underlying cause.

Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid is not functioning at its optimal level. The thyroid controls aspects of health including digestive function, overall metabolism, and hair, skin and nails. Someone with hypothyroidism may have difficulty losing weight, feel fatigued, have constipation, and dry hair, skin, and also eyes. In

Lose weight and prevent breast cancer

Is has been shown in studies that elevated levels of blood sugar promote cancer growths. One of the things, besides what you eat, that can keep sugar levels up, is when you eat. In fact, women who fasted for 13 hours had a decrease in the recurrence of breast cancer. Elevated blood sugar also promotes weight gain, and in my experience, many, but not all, of my clients with breast cancer were overweight. What time should you eat breakfast? If you eat breakfast at 8 am, count back 13 hours. That is when you should stop eating the night before.

Nighttime Fasting Reduces Breast Cancer Risk

We know that one of the things that fuels cancer cells is sugar. In fact, prior to a body scan for cancer, patients are given a sugar infusion, because cancer cells take up sugar 19x faster than normal cells. Not surprisingly, reducing sugar levels in the form of a fast, can reduce risk of cancer. You can do this every night by doing a 13hr fast. According to Life Extension Magazine (July 2016), research showed “women who fasted for fewer than 13 hours a night had a 36% higher risk for breast cancer recurrence, compared with women who fasted for 13 or more hours”.

Weight Loss 7

Have you tried diets or weight loss programs only to put back weight? That means that your body didn’t accept your dieted weight as your new normal weight. This process of resetting your metabolism actually takes 6 months. Our program supports you to reach this timeframe in our maintenance period. We also help you find healthy meals that YOU like!

Weight Loss 6

Did you know that skipping breakfast actually tells your body to go into fat storage mode instead of fat burning mode? That’s right. Your body thinks there is a famine! Or else, why wouldn’t you have eaten breakfast? In fact eating breakfast stimulates your metabolism for the entire day. Breakfast really is the most important meal, from helping children concentrate in school, to helping you balance metabolism. The earlier you eat in the day, the more weight you lose!