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Allergies be gone

Because our immune response starts in the gut, we want to make sure that clients are taking probiotics or are consuming fermented products on a regular basis. Probiotics aren’t just for constipation; they are for immune system, skin, nails, brain, and everything, including allergies!

Allergies Can Improve

Allergies can improve

Allergies are the body’s immune response to normal parts of the environment, whether that is pollen, mold, dust mites, or other natural things. Our immune response starts in the gut, and is modified by the liver. Therefore, helping the gut and the liver function better can resolve allergies. That’s been the experience of Naturopathic doctors.



Did you know that allergies can improve? Now, I’m not talking about peanut allergies here, but seasonal allergies. Just because the TV commercials say that you should have allergies when the pollen count is high does not mean that that’s true! Have you ever met someone who did NOT have allergies? Allergies are an inappropriate response to the environment due to an altered immune system. Once we get the immune system in balance, allergies can resolve.