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Did you know that allergies can improve? Now, I’m not talking about peanut allergies here, but seasonal allergies. Just because the TV commercials say that you should have allergies when the pollen count is high does not mean that that’s true! Have you ever met someone who did NOT have allergies? Allergies are an inappropriate response to the environment due to an altered immune system. Once we get the immune system in balance, allergies can resolve.


Weight loss and detoxification

Did you know that your body stores toxins in the fat? That’s right, fat deposits are a great place for your body to stash away toxins it can’t get rid of. Then, when you lose weight, all those toxins have to get processed. Our weight loss program includes support so that you can detoxify your body, making weight re-gain less likely. We know that if someone has more toxins, the body may want to retain fat to get the toxins out of your blood. Not so with our program!

Weight Loss

Weight loss support

My weight loss nurse and I have found that frequent meals or snacks is an important part our our weight loss program. The reason this is important for weight loss is that frequent meals help keep your appetite under control. Then you are not overeating at your next meal. This keeps your appetite under check and helps you lose weight.


Did you know that asthma can improve?

Most people with asthma receive their diagnosis, and inhaler(s). They know that they developed their disease, but they can also ‘un-develop’ their disease.

Something happened to make them less healthy, and then they developed asthma. That is, unless they have had it since births, which is usually not the case.

So what can we do to help the lungs and respiratory tract actually improve and be healthier?

There is so much we can do! Ask your Naturopath today!

Dry Eyes 2

In my experience, by supporting the thyroid, we can support the moisture of the hair, skin, and also eyes. I have not found that any of my clients feel good when the thyroid level (TSH) is above 2. You will see that the reference range goes from 0-4.5, although it may very slightly between labs. Once the level is brought below 2, naturally, the person will feel a lot better, including the eyes.