Baby feedings

A new mother asks:My baby turned 5 months old. How many times a day/times can I feed her rice cereal? And when can I switch to a different baby food?

My response:

Why would you give rice cereal? Babies can’t digest grains until age 2. Rice has little fiber, few nutrients, and no fat. It’s just plain calories with no nutrients. Why waste calories on rice when there are so many healthy foods that will fill the baby up so it can sleep through the night, like meat, and vegetables? Those should be baby’s first food. Chew the meat up a little first for baby. Baby will love it and it will give calories to sustain it throughout the night. Rice cereal will leave him hungry in just a few hours, and then you’ll be the one suffering.


Formulae are generally based either on corn syrup, soy, or cow dairy. Goat’s milk is much more similar to human milk than any of the above and will provide your child with a better start. Just add a couple drops of liquid chlorophyll to each quart for iron. Cow’s milk is made for calves which have four stomachs and are 200lbs. Goat babies are 10 lbs and have one stomach. They are also called kids!

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