A Feminine Approach to Fertility 5–Lessons from the Farm

One of the causes of infertility that’s commonly seen is anovulation. This means that a month passes without the normal release of an egg from the ovary. The drug of choice used first is a drug that forces the body to release an egg (and often multiple eggs) from the ovary. Yet its use hasn’t been shown to improve pregnancy rates, and it never addresses the cause. Once a woman’s cycle is in balance, there’s no reason she wouldn’t be releasing an egg.

As farmers medicineoption have known for years, light and time of day are important for telling the cows when it is time have calves, or chickens when to lay eggs in the spring. The same is still true of us however. But instead of being tied to daily cycles of time like birds or seasonal times like the livestock, we run our clocks by the month. In fact, the Latin word mensis is the plural of month. Faiths such as Judaism and Islam run their calendars by the lunar calendar, as did the Chinese and Hindu. Although studies are contradictory at this point, many researchers support the idea that women have gotten their periods together at the same time of the month, mainly at the new moon. In Chinese medicine philosophy, the new moon represents the ‘yin’, or the dark, reflective, and spiritual. The full moon is the ‘yang’, the wild, outgoing, sexual. Not surprisingly, this is when ovulation may occur and when fertility is highest.

With the advent of indoor lighting and outdoor light pollution, it’s been easy to forget the lunar calendar. Nevertheless, our body still requires the change of darkness and light at night to place the reproductive cycle appropriately. Not only does sleeping in total darkness increase your levels of melatonin (a super antioxidant and anti-cancer hormone), but when coupled with opening the curtains on the full moon and the day immediately prior and after, gives your body the natural cues it requires. Be sure to unplug or cover all sources of light to make the most melatonin; this includes phones, computers, and digital clocks.


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