A Feminine Approach to Fertility 3–homeopathy in fertility

When we use homeopathy to help women, however, we
tend to see their menses starting to occur at more regular intervals. For
example, if a woman’s cycle ranges from 35 days to over 45 days, over the next
several months she can expect her cycle to appear every 30 to 35 days. By the
time a year or two has passed, she should be having cycles every month. Even
women who haven’t had a cycle for months or even years just need some gentle
support and they, too, can regain normal balance. Sometimes women come off of
the contraceptive pill and it may take them up to a year to regain normal
cycles. With the right homeopathic remedy, they can get their period in a few
short weeks or months. This is particularly good to hear if they are hoping to
have children. Women who have debilitating cramps, who must seclude themselves
in bed or away from family, who cry or are irritable, are soon able to rejoin
their families and live their life, allmonth long. Premenstrual migraine headaches can resolve naturally,                                                                                           with the support of herbs, vitamins like magnesium, and the right homeopathic medicine.
So if PMS or other hormonal imbalance is affecting you, take charge without
drugs. Your body knows how to have healthy cycles on its own; it just needs a
gentle reminder!


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