A Feminine Approach to Fertility 2–Contraceptives and Fertility

Conventional treatment for premenstrual syndrome or menstrual irregularities is limited to contraceptives (‘the pill’ or others) and antidepressants. However, contraceptives can never increase fertility and establish normal cycles as their purpose is exactly the opposite. Some women may begin to have regular cycles, and others may experience a decrease in their PMS symptoms. But when the drugs are removed, the woman is left with an even greater imbalance. Women also need be educated on the side effects of these drugs, which can include altered thyroid function, weight gain, depression, permanently lowered libido, and increased susceptibility to yeast infections. They also significantly increase the risk of cervical cancer, though it may lower risk of other cancers. Women on these pills need to supplement with B vitamins, as the drug lowers natural levels of B vitamins.


The contraceptives prevent pregnancy by inhibiting the body’s release of certain hormones. Ironically, contraceptives are even used in women with erratic or irregular cycles in an effort to normalize them. What if there were a way to gently support your body through each phase of the monthly cycle? We wouldn’t expect someone to build healthy bones without adequate calcium, and the same is true for the hormonal system. It, too, requires specific nutrients to perform optimally like essential fats like fish oil and vitamins like vitamins A and B.

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