IBD and Prescription Medication

If you have IBD, with diarrhea, abdominal pain, or gas, you know that it is no fun to have to run to the bathroom all the time. Whether you have ulcerative colitis (UC) or Crohn’s disease (CD) you are suffering with severe digestive problems. You have a severe digestive issue that needs comprehensive care. If you just treat the inflammation with a steroid of 5-ASA, you have only covered up part of the problem. Hopefully you feel better! But, the problem will likely come back unless you address the underlying issues that caused the problem.

The purpose of the drugs your gastroenterologist may recommend is to decrease inflammation, or to suppress your immune system. None of the drugs will balance your immune system or get you healthy. In fact, drugs mostly have side effects, so you are actually getting less healthy by taking them in some ways. Whether you are taking a drug for IBD or not, you want to work on getting to the root cause so you can heal your diarrhea, abdominal pain, urgency, and get back to a normal life. When you are looking for treatment for IBD, you want to get to the root cause, not just stop diarrhea or pain. That’s important, but the symptoms will likely come back.

Naturopathic doctors are trained to look at you holistically. We take a holistic picture of all your symptoms. You’re more than just your colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy! Those test are important, but Naturopathic doctors treat you, not just your test results.

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