Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Naturopathic Practices

As there are only about 5000 licensed Naturopathic doctors in the United States, this is likely something that is new for you. We hope our Frequenly Asked Questions on Naturopathy help to answer any questions you may have and ease your mind for treatment.



1. Is Naturopathy Right for you?


Visiting a Naturopath

1. What to expect at your first visit with a Naturopath.



1. What are homeopathic remedies?
2. How popular is homeopathy?
3. Are there side effects to homeopathic remedies?
4. Do I stop taking my prescribed medicines while on a homeopathic remedy?
5. Can homeopathy be used in children?
6. How effective is homeopathic medicine?
7. How is seeing a Naturopath for Homeopathy different from purchasing remedies sold in health food stores?
8. Are homeopathy treatments expensive?


Botanical Medicine

1. Are botanical medicines too gentle to really do anything for my condition?
2. Can herbs interact with medicines?
3. There are so many studies on the effectiveness of herbs, how do I know I am getting the right information?
4. Is it true that drugs are synthesized from man-made substances?